Business Advisory

We support Entrepreneurs, management consultants through their business growth process by offering them our expertise, experience and intellectual capacities in the area of business planning, funding, financial management, organizational structuring, succession planning, customer service, customer relations as well as a business strategy.

Business Strategy

Business success is dependent on the set down tactics and strategies with which the business is navigating its market and whether it can secure its competitive position in the market using its strategies. We develop working strategies, with competitive approaches which will help business owners achieve their objectives.

Start-Up Planning

We groom startups from initial business ideas, market research, startup business planning until the idea is standing as a refined business. We further run entrepreneurship development programs that seek to fund (amongst other benefits) startup businesses that show the potential for massive growth.

Corporate Restructuring

Most corporate businesses experience significant structural challenges, sometimes they are organizational, other times they have to do with processes or even finance. We offer the best solutions to business organisations that need Corporate Restructuring due to the kind of internal challenges that they are submerged in. Thus, we carry out a market survey, examine the company’s product and services, their existing internal processes and structures, check their financials, then recommend and implement structural solutions that will aid efficiency and profitability.

Training & Development

Businesses exist, profit and flourish because of their customers and the team driving behind the activities of the business. The magnitude of the increase in customers is largely dependent on the customer experience offered by a well-trained team. Therefore, we professionally train staff of our client’s organization to become great leaders, intrapreneurs and proficient customer service personnel who will deliver top-notch client relations while becoming great leaders in their organizations and to the society at large. Our training curriculums are designed to suit the goals of each of our training programs while delivering on the needs of our clients and their team.

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