Ingenium seeks to deploy the cumulative expertise, experience and intellectual capital of her team to inspire nothing but excellence in people and businesses.

Who we are

Ingenium Concepts Limited is a business advisory firm committed to inspiring excellence and advocating for better customer relationship management in business organizations.
Founded and incorporated in Lagos, Nigeria, our service delivery span across business advisory, business planning, corporate restructuring and customer service training. We are in business to drive idea implementation, refine business culture through insights, results-driven strategies, and business structures that foster growth and peak performances.
In our dealings with Clients, CEOs, Entrepreneurs, Consultants, Small/Medium Business Owners and Stakeholders, we maintain a high level of intentionality and professionalism which forms the basis of our work ethics. We envision Africa being an economic giant with profitable businesses that has the right culture, structure and leading customer experiences.

Vision Statement

To be a leading force of business transformation, driving idea implementation and business growth towards economic development in Africa.

Mission Statement

We are on a mission to refine business culture through insights, strategies and structure that fosters growth and peak performance.

Our Approach

Situation Analysis

We begin our engagement with clients by understanding the current state of the business(es), ideas, or brand. This will give us insight into the level of engagement required to drive growth and profitability.

Strategy Formulation

Upon understanding the needs of the client, we develop strategies from existing service packages and research that suits the business challenge.

Strategy Implementation

We develop step by step processes for the implementation of strategies we formulate for our clients and also work with them through the processes.

Result Tracking

At Ingenium, we follow up on the solutions we deliver to our clients and ensure that the results are satisfactory and match the expected key performance indicators.

Meet Our Founder

Jennifer Oresiri Orode is a Customer Service Expert re-engineering businesses across Africa to achieve high profitability by delivering exceptional experiences to customers. She is a firm believer in the mantra that businesses should be of the customer and for the customer.

Certified by the National Customer Service Association (NCSA) USA, she is a member of the Chartered Management Institute (CMI) United Kingdom and Chartered Manager with the Nigeria Institute of Management (NIM). She holds a Master’s degree in Business Administration (Finance) from Coventry University and has been trained as a Portfolio Manager by the International Faculty of Finance (IFF), United Kingdom.

Jennifer is passionate about driving business growth and transformation as well as creating wealth for both customers and organisations. She has led and managed businesses and multi-dimensional teams across various capacities in treasury and security sales, funds management, business development, client relationship management, and strategy formulation and implementation. She is the curator of the Entrepreneurial Training Program, CRSP, which has equipped several entrepreneurs to engineer customer-centric businesses.

We've an Expert Team at Ingenium

Elizabeth Ibe

HR and Admin Officer

Abayomi Cole

Accounts and Finance

Micheal Enendu

IT and Design Officer

Stanley Ezenwankwo

Creative Director

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