Unlock The Proven Customer-Centric Structure That Transforms Ordinary Businesses Into 9-Figure Success Stories– With A Vast and Loyal Customer Base.

Unlock The Proven Customer-Centric Structure That Transforms Ordinary Businesses Into 9-Figure Success Stories– With A Vast and Loyal Customer Base.

This New Book Reveals All

The customer winning strategies in this book work for new and established brands wanting to dominate their industry.

Dear Business owner,

If you could learn a “very simple” Customer-Centric Structure that can help you:

✅ Get new customers on autopilot…

✅ Retain your current customers and turn them into fans of your brand…

✅ Dominate your competitors and become the go-to brand in your industry…

✅ Increase your monthly revenue while decreasing your customer acquisition costs…

You’d surely be doing so much better in BUSINESS, wouldn’t you?



And in just a moment, I will show you A very simple Customer-Centric Structure you can quickly implement and…

Start dominating your industry.

This simple structure is the key secret to getting…

✅ More customers     

✅ More sales     

✅ More Revenue 

✅ and better business growth.

But first…

Thanks to a powerful “Customer-Centric Structure” that I have developed in working with hundreds of businesses.

This structure helps to connect to the decision-making mind of a customer.

According to Sales and Marketing Powerhouse, Hubspot.com — “every decision” is made with the emotional part of the brain.

  And that is exactly what this “customer-centric structure” does, 

Once this structure is implemented in your business…

A world of unlimited potential could open to your business.

✅ You could easily line up demands from new customers…

✅ Multiply your current sales numbers in as little as 24 to 48 hours…

✅ And become an unstoppable sales machine in no time.

They don’t teach you this kind of “customer-centric structure” in school or any business training I’ve seen.

The only place you can unlock this structure and explode your business revenue…

Is inside my groundbreaking book: The Customer You Had But Never Knew.

This is a new business growth strategy that’s unlike anything you’ve ever seen before.

And here’s why…

Because it teaches what you need to do in your business to hack into the decision making mind of the customer. 


Because, that’s NOT why customers buy your product.

Your customer-centric structure does!

And you may ask… what is it?

Unknown to you, you don’t know how this works and other advanced ways you can use this.

But today, not only will I reveal the customer-centric structure inside The Customer You Had But Never Knew…

I’ll also reveal dozens of simple, profitable sales secrets used by the biggest brands in the world.

Secrets like…

Ever wondered why pigeon keepers can allow their birds so much freedom, yet those beautiful creatures keep returning home without compulsion? Well, the secret lies in a simple psychological trick.

I will show you how to apply this simple psychology trick to your business and ensure your customers always come back to you.

Established brands like Apple use this trick to ensure customers keep buying their products.

Hint: I explain this psychology trick on page 30, with a Real example of the trick in action.


I love this quote from a book by William Crutcher, Managing Service Excellence: 

“If you are not interacting with the customer directly, you had better be taking care of the one who does.” 

The reason for this is simple: your employees are the first customers who attract, nourish, and nurture external customers to become loyal fans and advocates.

Hint: On page 43, you’ll discover how to use your employee needs to make more customers.

One of the quickest ways to explode your business revenue is to make your customers feel like business partners.

Customers don’t just want to be served as you deem fit, but also want to feel connected to you and allowed to contribute to what you are doing for them. 

Do it right; customers will reward you with loyalty and contribute to your business growth.

Hint: You will discover how to use this strategy on page 42.

Many Businesses have a poor communication process.

Business partnership works when expectations are being met. But expectations cannot be merely assumed; they must be communicated, understood, and acted upon.

Hint : On page 50; You’ll discover how to effectively communicate your brand’s value using the 7cs of communication.

Many businesses never consider the right person to position their brand.

Ignore this, and you will leave MILLIONS on the table.

I’ve seen many established businesses target their users instead of their customers.

There’s a big difference between the two.

EXPOSED: You’ll Discover the difference between your user and customers and who to target on page 65 of The Customer You Never Know You Had.

These are just a few proven strategies you will discover inside “The Customer You Had But Never Knew’’.

And what makes them so incredibly powerful is they work WITH human psychology…

To make customers really desire your product.

So instead of spending millions of naira on marketing and still fail to attract new customers and make sales…

Implement the customer-centric structure in your business and trigger the decision-making part of your customer’s brain.

And you never run out of customers.

Because The Customer You Had But Never Knew is not like any “book” you’ve ever read before…


It’s more like…

A Manual For business owners on How To set up a customer-centric structure that Speaks DIRECTLY to The Decision-Making Part of Your Customer’s Brain. 

Their “Emotional Brain”.

Once you unlock how to speak to your customer’s emotional brain, a world of unlimited potential will open up to your business.

And I’m not making this up; there’s scientific research backing this.

Award-winning neuroscientist Antonio Damasio was the one who discovered that.

When the emotional part of the brain is Impaired, Decision-making becomes difficult for humans.

His research in neuroscience also shows that emotion plays a central role in social cognition and decision-making.


So you see…

Marketing your business the traditional way won’t give you desired results.

Selling with “facts” and “logic” won’t work either.

It’s time to learn how to win your prospects to become customers.

You’ll Also Learn…

Understanding the Psychograph of your consumers (or customers) helps you to zoom into their personal lives and consider how you can improve them. 

It also helps you to speak their language and communicate with them personally and emotionally.

I’ve dedicated an entire section inside “The Customer You Had But Never Knew” to help you understand your customer’s Psychograph, starting on page 68.

Whether you’re in a saturated market and struggling to get your customer’s attention…

Or you can’t seem to get your customers to do business with you for long…

Or you can’t even gain a single customer…

Customer’s Psychograph will help you put an end to all that.

You might have heard the saying “The riches is in the niche”, but you can only get the riches if you niche down properly.

Defining your niche not only prevents you from wasteful investment but also helps you to communicate your product to your customers.

You’ll find details about the right way to do product niching on page 74 of The Customer You Never Know You Had.

When people hear about branding, they often think of a logo, name or maybe colours, but while these are important,

They are not the real things that make a brand, nor are they at the core of what branding is about.

Branding is the art of managing your existing and prospective customer’s perceptions of your brand. 

People decide based on how they perceive things, whether their perception is true or not.

It means that you might have a great product, but if people don’t perceive your brand as great, they might just go for another product from your competitor.

Take Apple and Samsung for example.

Apple may not be better than Samsung, but the customers perceive Apple as better; that’s why most people go for Apple.

If you want to dominate your industry and leave no customers for your competitors,

Then you need to get your branding right.

This, you will discover when you turn to page 84 inside this book, and see exactly how to brand your business the right way and win more customers.

Before I reveal more juicy detail in my groundbreaking book–

“The Customer You Had But Never Knew”.

Let me tell you a bit about myself.

My name is Jennifer Orode.

I’m a customer service expert and business growth coach.

Also, the founder of Ingenium Concepts Ltd. 

And over 15 years, I have been in the customer service profession helping businesses I have worked with to create a good customer service structure.

So here’s what I do— I help these businesses come up with structures that will appeal to the emotion of their customers.

With this, they have a strong service magnet that keeps their customers coming back for more.

Then, I’ll show them how to track these performances and double up on what’s working.

So, I hope you can see? I have been in this game of helping businesses retain customers for long.

I’m a professional who takes my reputation and craft seriously.

It Took A lot of Time and Effort To Discover This Customer-centric structure.

Over 15 years, I have been working as a customer service expert; I have seen many business owners fail in acquiring customers.

They also lose their customers to competitors.

I don’t want any business to continue in this struggle.

So, I’ve put together this book to help you with a customer-centric structure that speaks to the emotional part of your customers…

And trigger the decision-making to do business with you. 

You don’t need to spend a fortune on marketing to implement this structure.

You don’t even need to have a big social media following.

My clients and I don’t use any of that to get customers.

And you can’t find this tactics I’m offering you today anywhere.

You can only find it inside my brand-new book, The Customer You Had But Never Knew.

And you can easily implement the customer-centric structure in your business and start generating massive sales.

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So How Much Does This GroundBreaking eBook Cost?

With all the valuable knowledge You’ll discover inside The Customer You Never Knew You Had, it shouldn’t be less than N10,000

After all, you can make 300X that amount in your first month of implementing the customer-centric structure in your business.

But the good news? You’ll get it for an extremely fair deal as an eBook.

My goal is to help you get The Customer You Never Knew You Had.

So I won’t even put the price in N7,000, N5,000 or even N3,500.

I’m making this available to you for less than a box of pizza — for N2,500 ONLY.

N2,500 ONLY

There’s Only One Thing Left To Do… You have two choices now.

 You can click away from this page and go back to your business as you’ve always known it.

Keep doing what you’ve always done…

And keep getting what you’ve always got.

While other folks use this customer-centric structure to get more customers, more sales, and more money.

Or you can click the button below to grab your copy of my value packed eBook: “The Customer You Had But Never Knew”…

And discover the customer-centric structure that speaks the language of your customer.

That choice is yours and yours alone.

 So, if you decide you want to implement this customer-centric structure in your business…

All that’s left to do is click the button below, and you can get started in the next five minutes.

N2,500 ONLY

Yours Truly,

Jennifer Orode.

P.S. You’ll make more sales from your business and grow your customer base if you can apply all the strategies I reveal in this eBook on how to win customers over to your business.

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