Customer Centric Training

How customer-centric is your organisation?

How often do you consider the customer perspective when taking your operational decisions?

As a customer service rep, do you aim to stand out through customer centricity?

If you don’t have firm answers to these questions, then you have undoubtedly been selling yourself short and sabotaging the full potential of your business.

A customer-centric approach to business is basically putting the needs and wants of the customer at the centre of all business decisions. As simple as this may sound, this approach is what differentiates the most successful service representatives and companies from their competitors. Developing customer-centred behaviour within employee conduct needs to be taught and gradually enriched.

This hands-on 4-week course has been perfectly designed to equip you with all it takes to gain mastery of customer-centricity and bask in all of its benefits. This course isn’t just your everyday customer service training. It stands out for the supervised practical application. Its practicality distinguishes it from all other training.

Customer satisfaction and by extension retention is a walk in the park for businesses and customer service representatives that successfully implement the teachings of this course. Every learning point covered in this course sums up to long-term success and growth for organizations and individuals that work in them.

With the help of this course, participants will gain a deeper understanding of the latest trends, tactics, key principles and strategies needed to create sustainable value for customers.

Benefits of this course for Customer service representatives:

Benefits of this course for Business Owners:

Who is this course for?

For an organisation to be customer-centric then service has to be a culture and for service to be a culture, everyone must be involved. This course has become paramount for every employee and employer since a delay from one unit or department in an organisation can affect the overall experience the customer gets.

Thus, this course is for: 

Module Overview

Module 1

Introduction To The Customer-Centric Service Training

Module 2

The Journey Of Self & Service Discovery

Module 3

Know Thy Employer

Module 4

Know Thy Customer

Module 5

Customer Service and the Service Representatives

Module 6

Communication, Service Intonation

Module 7

Winning Customers’ loyalty

Module 8

Self-Control And Stoicism In Customer Service

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