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Why Do You Need A Customer Retention Strategy?

✔With as little as 5% increase on your customer retention, you can get up to 95% growth in your business revenue.

Most businesses dwell so much on customer acquisition but the leading businesses are those who retain more customers. This keeps the big brands like Apple, Rolex, and other luxury brands winning. Because they work on improving their product and customer experience.

Would you like to see how you can do the same for your business?

✔You can get MORE, even from a small customer base.

Customer retention helps you build loyal fans to your business, not just one time customers. It shows you how to make your customers choose your brand to your competitors and ‌get you more sales and referrals.

✔You can track your growth performance from customer retention, using the right strategy.

The best retention strategy doesn’t just bring in sales, they show you the best performing strategy to implement in winning more customers.

Tell me, can you identify that unique retention strategy that customers would love to see daily in your business?

It’s time to get it right with all three. Now, click the button below and let’s do this on the call.

Meet Our Lead Consultant

Jennifer Orode 

Jennifer Orode is a customer service expert who re-engineers businesses across Africa to achieve high profitability by delivering exceptional experiences to customers. She is a firm believer in the mantra that businesses should be of and for the customer.

She is a fellow of WAACSP, a customer service professional certified by the National Customer Service Association (NCSA) in the USA, a member of the Chartered Management Institute (CMI) in the United Kingdom, and a chartered manager with the Nigeria Institute of Management (NIM). She holds a Master’s degree in Business Administration (Finance) from Coventry University and has been trained as a portfolio manager by the International Faculty of Finance (IFF), United Kingdom.

Jennifer is passionate about driving business growth and transformation as well as creating wealth for both customers and organizations. She has led and managed businesses and multi-dimensional teams across various capacities in treasury and security sales, fund management, business development, client relationship management, and strategy formulation and implementation. She is the curator of the Entrepreneurial Training Program, CRSP, which has equipped entrepreneurs to engineer customer-centric businesses.

Jennifer further explored her entrepreneurship career by starting up Ingenium in 2022, a business advisory firm committed to inspiring excellence and advocating for better customer relationship management in business organizations. Eradicating the pain of each customer had been the mantra at Ingenium, and the business lived up to its principles as it exceeded the fiscal year target in total customer pain resolution in less than nine months since its inception. Having been given the exclusive right to train and certify customer service and interfacing professionals by the National Customer Service Association (NCSA) in the USA, Ingenium in 2023 is positioning itself to accomplish the first of its kind: training 4 million people on customer service across Africa over a 12-month period. The training will be themed “Be That Exceptional Customer Service Representative” and is geared to change the narrative around customer experience from brands, career growth for employees, and customer centricity for brands.

She also founded Astute UK, an investment brand that facilitates start-up investment deals through its community-based tech platform for founders, investors, and deal originators. This start-up was conceived from her pool of (Astute Plans for 2023.)

She is happily married to her supportive accountant husband, Mr. Anthony Orode. They reside in the UK with their two children. She embodies her family ties, which you can see in the closely knit nature of her nuclear and extended families.

Her philosophy is summed up in the acronym, G.I.V.E., Growth—helping you to become more and giving real depth to your business. Impact: – helping you achieve real transformation, Value: realizing the real potential of your business Excellence: bringing onboard best practices for business growth.


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You’ll get a personalised strategy and customer retention framework that will be developed for your business once you agree to go all in growing your business.

Together, we’ll track the performance of this strategy and optimize where necessary based on your customers response. Sounds good?

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Other Business Owners
Who Have Benefitted From The Retention Strategies
We’ve Helped Them Design & Execute…

Working with Jennifer and the team has been an amazing experience as she is very professional and relates with Clients as family. Always on top of her game and highly result-oriented. Her advice has been very helpful in my decision making and I've never regretted any idea we bounce off each other.
Olushola O.
I really didn't want the session to end because I was getting some insights and strategies I can develop to increase my brand awareness and positioning. It was a pleasure to engage you during the 30 minutes free session. I didn’t know I could explore my uniqueness to get lots of clients for my business. It was an eye-opener for me.
Ilyich T. Ghana
I cannot begin to pen down how impactful this 30mins session with Mrs Jennifer has been to me and my brand. It's a reassurance that I'm on the right path and a reassessment to my growth so far. I've seen some loopholes in my business and have received tips on how to improve and grow my brand. I'm immensely grateful.
Naomi A. Nigeria
Hello there, thank you I really felt encouraged and more motivated after this session.
Jennifer T. London, UK.

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Take advantage of this limited offer and SEE how we help businesses explore untapped means of growing their business revenue by retaining more customers.

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